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Who are we?

We’re an indie video game studio looking to create fun and innovative games titles from everything from PC to Mobile. Every single person here at Leyline Games is passionate about video games and as a studio of gamers our philosophy is that every game we make must be something we ourselves would play. We are currently working two PC and mobile titles, one of which is scheduled for a 2018 release.

The Last Aura

Journey through the dark ruins of The Last Aura. In this action puzzle game you play as the last of the auras, a nearly extinct civilization of being of sentient light overtaken by darkness. You will need to shine your light to repel the creatures of the dark that lurk in the ancient ruins of your people.

From the lead designer: “The idea for this game, stemmed from the use of light in the environment. I wanted to use this as main mechanic for the game. I found interest in how darkness and light work against each other, and I wanted to explore that further. I wanted to meld action-puzzles elements together with an added challenge of a diminishing light in order to make a game that challenges the players both their platforming skills and their abilities to solve puzzles.

The main character is an orb of light incarnate, a representation of the last essence of good in a corrupt and decrepit world. The orb will need to traverse dark forsaken ruins of an old and near extinct civilization. These ruins have many traps and puzzles that the player will need to avoid while venturing further into the deep. The darkness is strong however and will slowly deplete your light in time. In order to keep your light from dissolving, you’ll need to explore the ruins to pick up more light energy. As you progress further into the abyss, you will notice that something lurks in the veil of darkness that you may have to avoid or ultimately confront in order to complete your descent….”

Media: Screenshots/Artwork

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